DBA and DBA-RRR at Historicon 2012

A set of pictures taken at Historicon 2012 in Fredericksburg, VA. Rich, Marty and I car-pooled up for an 11.5 hour drive each way. This was the first time Historicon was held at this new facility and it was a hit despite the sorry chairs and constant roar of voices in the cavernous showroom.

I ran the DBA-RRR Open Tourney on Thursday morning and here are the final results:

Roland Fricke I/2 Italian Wars French 3-0 69 points

John Manning I/4c Neapolitan Spanish 2-1 47 points

Rich Gause III/9d Omani Arab 2-1 47 points

Will Michael II/21a ECW Royalist 1-2 44 points

Spencer Ginder I/7c German Minor States 1-2 27 points

John Svensson II/4c Russian Traditional 0-3 6 points


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