DBA and DBA-RRR at RECON 2012

Here is a short recap of the DBA Events at RECON 2012:

BBDBA Marian Roman vs. Pontic battle

This was run by Jim Riley using the 2.2+ rules. All the players who hadn’t played 2.2+ before (Rick Cundiff, Peter Cundiff and Marty Schmidt) were on the Roman side. Rich Gause, Mitch Harbach and I were on the Pontic side. After a long battle in which the Pontic right and the Roman left broke, the Romans were able to break the Pontic left flank to win the game. Everyone enjoyed the 2.2+ rules. (Sorry no pictures).

DBA-RRR Open Tourney

We had eight players and I was forced to play, which allowed my Neapolitans to go undefeated and win the event.

Tony Aguilar  I/4 Neapolitan Spanish  3-0  67 Points

Rich Gause I/15a 30 YW Swedish 2-1 49 Points

Rick Parrish III/36 Later Ottoman Turk 2-1 48 Points

Mitch Harbach III/14b Later Polish  2-1 46 Points

Bryant McLaughlin II/7b Polish-Lithuanian 1-2 28 Points

Scott Gray II/12 German Catholic 1-2 25 Points

Peter Cundiff II/22a ECW Parlaimentarian 1-2 24 Points

Rick Cundiff II/21a ECW Royalist 0-3 3 Points

DBA Open Tournament 

This was run by Marty Schmidt. Marty gave players the option to use the 2.2+ rules if they both agreed, otherwise it would revert to 2.2 Vanilla. There was a mix of this, but I ended up using Vanilla 2.2 with 24″ boards for all my games, mainly because my opponents were more comfortable with them.

There were 12 players and they were broken into three groups. The Winner of each group along with the highest scoring non-winner went to the semi-finals which was single elimination.

Final standings:

Mitch Harbach – Early Polish – Champion

Tony Aguilar – Ptolemaic – Runner Up

Doug Hawes (Polybian Roman) and Boyd Bruce (Northern Dynasties Chinese)  played in the semi-finals, but lost to Mitch and myself respectively.

BBDBA Battle of Carrhae

This was run by Don Harting. I didn’t attend, nor did I take any pictures.

DBA Matched Pairs Tournament

Rich Gause ran this event, which was run with the 2.2+ rules. Unfortunately, we only had a total of 6 players.

Due to having a limited amount of time before the flea market, it was decided that three of the players would use their pair in the first two games and then switch to the enemy pair for the last game.

Final standings:

Tony Aguilar (III/35b Feudal Spanish vs. III/74 Fanatic Berber) 2-1 51 Points

Don Harting (IV/2 Cilician Armenian vs. IV/6 Syrian) 2-1 46 Points

Marty Schmidt (II/49 Marian Roman vs. II/53 Ancient British) 2-1 46 Points

Gray Strickland (IV/30 Teutonic Knights vs. IV/44 Post-Mongol Russians) 2-1 46 Points

Mitch Harbach (II/49 Marian Roman vs. II/47 Ariovistus Germans) 1-2 24 Points

Carlos Cabrera (I/22a New Kingdom Egyptian vs. I/24a Hittite Empire) 0-3 4 Points


This was a Two-Davids Campaign Game done in the Two Davids’ style using the 2.2+ rules.

We had only 8 players this time due to some last minute no shows.

List of participants:

Mitch Harbach – Seleucids

Gray Strickland – Bosporans

Dave Blackmon – Later Macedonian

Tony Aguilar – Ptolemaic

Doug Hawes – Scipio Bros. (Rome)

Pete Panzeri – Fabius Maximus (Rome)

Rich Gause – Hasdrubal (Carthage)

Marty Schmidt – Hannibal (Carthage)

Rich Gause was the winner after three rounds when the game was called.

I don’t think I will be running a campaign in that late a session (at the end of a convention) as many of us were worn out at that point.


I ran this event on Sunday morning with the 2.2+ rules. We had four players.

Requirements were that the armies has to have at least some combination of 5 LH or Ps elements in order to qualify.

Final standings:

Dave Blackmon III/12 Christian Nubian 3-0 65 Points

Don Harting III/66 Xi-Xia 1-2 28 Points

Mitch Harbach II/32 Later Carthaginian 1-2 26 Points

Rich Gause II/40 Numidian 1-2 24 Points


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