Ptolemaic Successor II/20b

The Ptolemaic Army in 15mm scale for DBA. All figures are Tin Soldier unless otherwise specified. No decals were used- all shields and emblems are hand painted.

The army make up consists of: 1x 3Kn (Gen), 1x 3Kn, 1x LH, 1x El, 6x 4Pk, 1x 4Ax, 1x 2Ps

I wanted the army to have a distinctive Egyptian look to differentiate it from any other Successors that they might fight and be on the table with at the same time.


Here is the Ptolemaic general’s stand. The general is a Xyston figure and the two bodyguards are Tin Soldier. Many of the Tin Soldier figures are over scale, which look large even next to a Xyston.

Here are the Kleruch (Kn) and the Tarantine (LH) Cavalry. I took the bossing off of the shield for the LH and painted on the Ptolemaic eagle mofit to tie them into the look of the army.

Here is the Ptolemaic elephant. It is an African forest elephant and it is made by Donnington along with it’s crew. The Donnington figures are significantly smaller than the Tin Soldier ones, but it is not a biggie since I am not mixing them on the same stand. The Tin Soldier elephants are an aberration to anything even remotely resembling a pachyderm.

Half of this army consist of pikemen. They are all Tin Soldier figures except for the standard bearer, which is a Xyston figure. since there is no available information on what Ptolemaic shields looked like, I wanted these troops to have an Egyptian look to them so I opted for colors that would be reminiscent of the Nile delta and river. I went with blues and green for the background colors on the bucklers underneath the Macedonian star emblem. I didn’t want to use any red in their shields or uniforms as I want to make sure they stand out from the look of their nemesis, the Seleucids.

The Aux and Psiloi elements. The psiloi are probably the most awkward looking figures of the whole army as their features look quite “Ziggy-ish”. As a side note, they are the first Psiloi I have in an army I have built who actually would have been called that.

All in all, I am quite happy with how they turned out. Since I went with a distinctively arid basing, I will be making some terrain to go along with them.


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