DBA-RRR I/4b Neapolitan Spanish army

 Here are the pictures of my recently completed Spanish Neapolitan Army. I have had many of these figures for more than 15 years and had never painted them until now.

Being able to play with this army was one of the reasons for creating the DBA-RRR rules.


Gonzalo de Cordoba, El Gran Capitán.

He was known for his exploits at the beginning of the Great Italian Wars at the close of the 15th century and in the first years of the 16th century.

Minifigs even made a personality figure for him.

 The army arrayed. It is in 15mm scale and is a mixture of several manufacturers including Naismith, Minifigs, Viking Forge and Gladiator.


Spanish knights by Minifigs, but on Viking Forge horses. The ones supplied by Minifigs were very small and didn’t look right.

The Spanish Arquebusiers are a mixture of Minifigs and Naismith.


The pikemen are Minifigs.

The two elements of Jinetes (LH) which are Minifigs.

Spanish Rodeleros (Sword and Bucklermen) are a mixture of Minifigs, Gladiator, Naismith and Viking Forge.


Two pictures of the Spanish cannon. The cannon model itself is Naismith and the gun crew is Minifigs.


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