DBA at Hurricon 2010 – Orlando, FL


Rich Gause ran the “Steppe Right Up” tournament on Friday night.

All eligible armies had to be of a Steppe terrain type.

All battles were played on 30″ boards and the player that had more LH could adjust their aggression die roll by how every many more LH elements that he had more than their opponent.

12 players attended.

Xi-Xia defending against some more mobile hordes of the steppe.

Jim Riley and Joe Coniglio having an Alanic Civil War.

More steppe action.

Rich Gause and Bill Melendez doing the Double Timurid Tango.

Marty Schmidt and the Central-Asian City States fight Rick Cundiff’s Central-Asian Turks.

A lose up of Marty and Rick’s battle.

Joe Coniglio’s Alans (R) in the steppe.

Rick Cundiff advancing in a box formation with his Central-Asian Turks.

A closer view of Rick’s Central-Asian Turks.


Jim Riley                      II/58 Alans                                       68 points

Bill Melendez               IV/75 Timurid                                  51 points

Tony Aguilar                III/66 Xi-Xia                                     50 points

Bryant McLaughlin    II/36a Graeco-Bactrians                50 points

Rich Gause                    IV/75 Timurid                                   50 points

Marty Schmidt              III/8 Central-Asian City States    47 points

Rick Parrish                  III/66 Xi-Xia                                     46 points

Gray Strickland             II/26 Later Sarmatians                   26 points

Joe Coniglio                   II/58 Alans                                        25 points

Rick Cundiff                    III/11b Central-Asian Turks         22 points

Scott Gray                         III/79 Cuman                                      7 points

Dave Blackmon               II/38b southern Hsiung-Nu           4 points

Rich Gause presenting the “Steppe Right Up” award to Jim Riley, who won with his Alans.

Left to Right: Bryant McLaughlin, Rick Cundiff, Tony Aguilar, Bill Melendez, Joe Coniglio, Jim Riley, Dave Blackmon, Rich Gause, Scott Gray and Marty Schmidt.


Don Harting put on a massive DBA battle based on the Battle of Gaugamela between Alexander and Darius.

This wastruly a masive undertaking as I believe the Macedonians had 51 elements and the Persians almost 80.

Rich Gause took on the role of Darius and I played Alexander. There were a total of 9 players and 6 of them were new ones.

Darius (Rich Gause) taking command of the situation on the Persian right flank.

A view of the battle , mid game.

The battle lines close.

The battle ended up a draw as we ran out of time. The Persian broke the right flank of the Macedonians. The Macedonians had broken the right flank of the Persians.


Marty Schimdt ran the Fall of Rome Theme tourney.

The only armies that were allowed were II/78ab Late Imperial Roman East and West, II/83ab Patrician Roman East and West and the enemies of those Romans.

We had 12 players show up.

Mike Winters (L) takes on Joe Coniglio (R) is a II/78b East Roman Imperial civil war.

A close of of some of the action in Mike and Joe’s game.

More Later Imperial East Romans.

Gray Strickland’s Sarmatians deal with Mike Winters’ Late Eastern Imperial Romans.

Rich Gause and his Nobades, take on Don Harting.

Rob Jones studies the battlefield like a sand table in Iraq.

The two plaques for the “Fall of Rome Theme.” Rich Gause was the winner with the Nobades and Rob Jones was runner up with the Alans.


Dave Blackmon ran the DBA 15mm Open Tournament, which brought in 10 players.

Dave added a special rule that the attacker got to choose what size board (24″ or 30″) was used and the defender deployed terrain as normal.

Rich and I had a great game. His elephant general got 6-1-ed 3 times, but I couldn’t kill him with bows either shooting OR in close combat. Even though I lost 3-4 it was one of the best games we had ever played.

Rich Gause and Rob Jones played the final game, whole the rest of us went to eat. Rob Jones won the event with IV/55b Ottoman Turks. Rich was the bridesmaid with the II/3 Classical Indians.


Rick Parrish ran the “Tantor Attacks” Tournament on Sunday morning. All eleigible armies had to have a minimum of one elephant in them.

Don Harting was the proud recipient of a “Aguilar Ambushka.” I had rolled such bad pips in the first bound all con, that it wasn’t until the last tournament when I was able to do my favorite thing. I attacked his Scythed chariot from a marsh with my Psiloi and he was able to push the Psiloi back. Even though the little ambushers didn’t kill anyone, they distracted several of Don’s units long enough for me to win elsewhere.

Rich Gause and I faced off in another nail-biter. Rich won 4-2 in a long drawn-out battle.

Bill Melendez (L) and Don Harting (R) face off.


Rich Gause                  II/16b Demetrius

Tony Aguilar               III/10c Hindu Indian

Don Harting               II/19b Seleucid

Bill Melendez             IV/75 Timurid


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