DBA-RRR at Hurricon 2010 – Orlando, FL

The Battle of Pavia 1525 BBDBA-RRR Game

Jim Riley ran The Battle of Pavia BBDBA game on Friday morning.


The Spanish forces were arrayed left to right.

Charles III Duc of Bourbon on the left flank, Charles de Lannoy (CinC) in the middle just to the left of the Vernavola stream, and Fernando Francisco d’Avalos Marquis of Pescara in the wooded area on the Spanish right flank.


A view from the French side of the battlefield. The French were left to right Francis I, king of France (CinC), Francois de Lorraine who are both on the left of the stream, and on the right flank of the French forces, Robert de le Flourance.


The three French commanders. Left to right:Dave Blackmon (Flourance), Jim Riley (Lorraine) and Marty Schmidt (King Francis I)

Flourance pulled back to allow time for Lorraine to come across the river. The king advanced on Pescara’s troops at the edge of the woods.

Flourance is desperately waiting for some relief from Lorraine’s forces as he sees the Spanish advancing on him. Lorraine’s forces were hampered by poor pip rolls as were unable to cross the stream before the Spanish arrive.

The Spanish pike and shot cross the stream repulsing Lorraine’s heavy cavalry. The two flanks are filled with hand to hand combat. The fight near the wood being partiucularly bloody.


A shot of the three Spanish commanders. Left to right: Rich Gause (Pescara), Tony Aguilar (Lannoy) and Tim Harwood ( Bourbon) Pescara’s “lucky hat” couuldn’t save his command from breaking under the assault of Lorraine’s infantry and the whole of King Francis’ command.

The final shot of the battle at game end. Bourbon, on the Spanish left flank, broke the Swiss under Flourance and Lannoy’s foot put the nail in the coffin of Lorraine’s forces which had been whittled down my Pescara.

What a mess! Who is who?

I ran the DBA-RRR Open tournament on Friday afternoon.


  Some of the players from the DBA-RRR Tournament. Clockwise from bottom left: Marty Schmidt, Scott Gray, Bryant McLaughlin and Dave Blackmon.

Marty’s New Model Army on left fight Dave’s Parliamentarians.


The Catholic League takes on King Charles of England.

Moghuls vs. Venetians.

Gray Strickland’s Moghuls are at it again, this time fighting Dave Blackmon’s Parliamentarians.


 Rich Gause’s Venetians  clash with Bryant McLaughlin’s Bavairian led Catholic League in the last round pitting these two undeafeateds.

Rich was the evntual winner beating Bryant, who was Recon 2010 DBA-RRR champion.


Rich Gause                         I/6a Venetians                                           71 Points

Bryant McLaughlin        II/6 Bavarian Led Catholic League    67 points

Marty Schmidt                 II/23 New Model Army                          60 points

Dave Blackmon                II/22c ECW Parliamentatrian              48 points

Scott Gray                           II/21b ECW Royalist                                  4 points

Gray Strickland                II/26c Moghul                                              3 points

DBA-RRR Pickup games

On late Saturday night, Rich Gause and I played some pickup games with Rob Jones and Mike Winters , who were not able to make the DBA-RRR events on Friday.

Both of them were keen to play and had brought their armies with them.

Mike Winters with his Spanish Imperialists take on my Japanese.

Rob Jones contemplates his battle plan with his Maximillian Imperialists as he takes on Rich Gause and the Ottoman Turks.


Some other shots of the Maximillian/Turk fight.


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