DBA at The Battlezone – Avon Park, FL July 24, 2010

 FADBAG had a get together at The Battlezone in Avon Park, FL on Saturday, July 24, 2010.

We had 10 players who drove from 3 hours away to take part in some friendly conquests. We started at 9:00 AM and played two tournaments which ran up until almost 7:00 PM.

We had a short break for lunch, which was graciously provided by Rene’ Blackmon. (Dave’s wife) Her “Taco Soup” did indeed rock.

I ran the “Scourge of the Republic” campaign based on the “Two Davids model. The scene is around 55 BC and the battle between the “barbarian factions” and 3 Roman players for conrol around the Mediterranean.

A view of the map after the attacks have been declared.


Devin Gause (Foreground L) as Pompey defends Hispania against the Numdian hordes of Marty Schmidt. (Foreground R) Jim Riley (Background L) as the Dacians takes on Kevin Schwabe, who is playing the Caesarian faction. (Backgound R)

Jason Schmidt (Crassus) defends against the attack of the Armenians. Crassus was to far under the Armenian diominance, but broke free in the 3rd phase.

Musashi Miyamoto (top) assaults Rich Gause’s (bottom) Sarmatians.

Dave Blackmon’s Ancient British (bottom) attacked Bill Melendez’s Gauls (top) and were victorious.

Pompey and Crassus realize that Romans don’t die easily. Devin Gause (L) and Jason Schmidt (R) fight it out. These two Romans beat on each other until Jason came out victoiuous preventing being taken over.

A close-up view of the Romans face to face. After much indecisive banging away Blade-on-Blade, Pompey held the heights, but was killed by Crassus thereby breaking his army.

Rich (L) attacks Britian who was defended by Dave Blackmon (R). The Sarmatians came out victorious.

Marty Schmidt fighting Musashi’s Ptolemaics…no doubt he was telling him that he was going to be his “bitch.” Mushashi was overlord of Sarmatia, Britainia, Gaul, Italia  and Hispania which made him a tempting target for Numidian ambition. The Numidians were victorious thereby controlling a swath of nations that encirled the Mediterranean.


The view of the map at the pinnacle of Ptolemaic dominance.

A view of the map after the 4th round after Marty’s subjugation of the Egyptian slave masters – the Numidians were overlords of all except for the Dacians, Armenians and Crassus who remained independent. The Dacians and the Armenians never did get taken over at any point in the game.

The Warlords (L to R): Dave Blackmon (Ancient British), Devin  Gause (Rome – Pompey), Marty Schmidt CHAMPION (Numidian), Jim Riley (Dacian), Jason Schmidt (Rome – Crassus), Musashi Miyamoto (Ptolemaic), Rich Gause (Sarmatian), Tony Aguilar (Armenian), Bill Melendez (Gaul) and Kevin Schwabe (Rome – Caesar)


Marty Schmidt – Numidian (BROWN) 23 points IND.

Musashi Miyamoto (YELLOW) 18 points

Rich Gause – Sarmatians (WHITE) 18 points

Tony Aguilar – Armenians (PINK) 10 points IND.

Dave Blackmon – Ancient British (BLUE) 8 points

Jim Riley – Dacians (BLACK) 7 points IND.

Jason Schmidt – Crassus (PURPLE) 6 points IND.

Kevin Schwabe – Caesar (RED) 6 points

Bill Melendez – Gaul (GREEN) 5 points

Devin Gause – Pompey (BLUE) -1 point

Afterwards, I ran an Open DBA Tourney. Luckly all of the 10 players stayed on for more bloodshed…err gaming.


Bill Melendez (L) and the Ancient British fight Jim Riley (R) and his new Sparticus army.

Jason Schmidt (L) plays Later Swiss against Rich Gause (R) and his Bosporans.

Two eastern armies fighting each other… Devin Gause (L) and his Samurai vs. Kevin Schwabe (R) and his Kaya Koreans.

Marty’s Early Carthage army fights my Song Chinese.

Musashi’s Seleucids fight the Eastern Franks.

My Song Chinese were victorious going 3-0, inching out Rich Gause’s Bosporans 4-3 in the final game.

Thanks all for attending and especially to Ed Baldridge of The Battlezone for providing the gaming space.


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