DBA-RRR at Historicon 2010

I ran the DBA-RRR Tournament at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning at Historicon.

We only had  a total of 4 players as it seems like the turn out of gamers was very light.

The DBA-RRR Champion plaque depicting Polish Winged Hussars.

Kyle Burley commanding his French Huguenot force against my Samurai. Kyle told me that he painted his troops specifically for this event!

My Samurai prepare to receive the Huguenot charge.

Ron Giampapa (L) fight Rich Gause (R) and his 30YW Swedes.

It must have been the coffee, because I know Ron had a good time.

Ron and I fight to see who was “The Last Samurai.”

Congrats to Kyle Burley winning with his French Huguenots.


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