DBA at Historicon 2010 – July 7-11, 2010

The games started off with the “Warbandia” Tourney on Wednesday night run by Larry Chaban. Eligible armies were ones with a minimum of 6 Warband elements.

Jon Bostwick played Ancient British. I borrowed Rich Gause’s Galatians with 8 Wb and a Sch. They were a hoot to play. I won my first two games and then lost to Alex Bostwick – avenging his father, who won the event going 3-0 with Ancient British.

The DBN game run by Tom McKinney on Thursday morning and was fun to play. The beauty of it was that it used the same mechanics as DBA, so after a few turns I felt like I knew what I was doing.

A couple of pictures of the “Splendour of Persia” Theme Tourney.

Rich and I used Ptriple Ptolemaics and went 2-1 losing the third game to a Scythed chariot attack on the C-in-C.

Pictures from the “Cruel Tyrants” Themed Tourney. Eligible armies had to be either Neo-Assyrians/Later Sargonids or any their enemies. Rich Gause won the event with his Medes.

The Baltic Crusades DBA Campaign was the big extravaganza of DBA at Historicon. The Two Davids ran this large event where all 24 slots were filled.

Chris Brantley defends against my Swedish invasion with his Teutonic Knights.

Rob Torres, who somehow I had never fought before, with Medieval Germans battled it out successfully with my Swedes.

The final outcome was that Rich Gause’s Danes were overlords to 14 other players. He had conquered so much that he commented that he even had “buffer bitches.”

The pinnacle the DBA competition at Historicon is of course the NICT (National Invitational Championship Tourney.)

I played my Southern Dynasties Chinese in the first game against Spencer Ginder (L) and his Mithriadic army. The second game was against Jon Bostwick (not pictured) and the Tamil Indians. The third game was against Jason Bostwick (R) (going all in with his Kn general and winning the game 3-5) and the Anglo-Normans. I was able to win my division and go on to the semi-final round against Dave Schlanger.

I played Dave Schlanger in the semi-final round against his Early Crusader and won in a hard fought game as the “Diceman” looks on.

David Kuijt and I sat down for the final match on Saturday night. David, who is a very tough opponent to say the least, was playing the Classical Indians and we had a hard drawn out game that ended in my favor 6-4.

After the final match, which resulted in me being the 2010 NICT champ.


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