Early Swedish III/40d

The army arrayed in 15mm scale. I signed up to play Sweden in the Two Davids’ “Northern Crusades” game at Historicon 2010, so I built these extra elements to go with the other Scandinavian foot.
The army consists of 1x 3Kn (Gen), 6x 4Bd, 1x 4Sp, 2x 3Ax, 1x 3Bw and 1x 2Ps

The Swedish king. The king is an Essex figure and the other two figures are Minifigs.

The Spear stand consists of Minifigs and Museum Miniatures.

The two stands of Auxillia are a mix of Essex, Old Glory, Minifigs and Museum Miniatures.

The core force is still the same as the figures that I used for my Medieval Norwegians.


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