A Display Case…FINALLY!


I had been looking for some time for a proper display case in which to place my figures. I found a “Bertby” CD cabinet from IKEA fit the bill just fine and put it together this weekend. I am really happy with the results and all of my work seems to fit in there just fine.

The top level has the Armenians. Level 2 has the Marian Romans on the left and the Polybian Romans on the right. Below them are the Qin Chinese on left and the Samurai on the right.

The Qin Chinese and Samurai are followed by the Koguryo Koreans and Tang Chinese below them. On the next level are the Southern Liang and Song Chinese.


Below all these Asians are the Almoravids and Feudal Spanish.

At the lower end of the DBA armies are the Rajputs and the Medieval Norwegians.

The bottom three levels are devoted to 20mm WW2 figures for skirmish gaming. This is what I had painted prior to starting down the road of DBA. The Germans are on top of the British and Americans which are on top of the Soviets at the bottom.

It is nice to have a place in general view to display my work.


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