DBA Open Tourney at Rapier 2010

Dave Blackmon ran the DBA Open Tournament at Rapier in Jacksonville on June 4, 2010.

There were a total of 8 players.

A close up of the Rapier 2010 DBA Open Tourney plaque.

Mitch Harbach’s Early Poles (L) charging his knights into Edgar Pabon’s Kaya Koreans.

Brent Rogers’ Early Imperial Romans fight Jamie White’s Normans.

Don Harting’s Medieval French take on the Hussites.

My Norwegian psiloi up to no good in game two against Rick Parrish and fighting his Medieval French. My sneak attack took out one of his dismounting knights, which ended up being my only kill of the whole match against him.

Kaya Koreans fighting the Early Imperial Romans.

Derek Downs (L) and Jamie White (R) both are regular Warrior players – both did pretty well in playing DBA for a change. They both went 3-1.

The final showdown for Derek’s Hussites was against my Medieval Norwegians.  Derek’s gleeful look was to take a turn for the worst as this game ran many, many bounds. The Norwegians finally ending the Hussites winning streak.

Some of the participants of the DBA Open Tourney.

(L to R) Derek Downs, Tony Aguilar, Jamie White, Rick Parrish and GM Dave Blackmon. (Brent Rogers, Edgar Pabon and Don Harting – not pictured)


Jamie White             III/51 Norman                                       3-1        73 points

Don Harting             IV/64b Medieval French                      3-1       72 points

Derek Downs           IV/80 Hussites                                        3-1        70 points

Rick Parrish             IV/64b Medieval French                    2-2       50 points

Tony Aguilar          IV/54b Medieval Norwegians           2-2        50 points

Brent Rogers          II/56 Early Imperial Roman               1-3        24 points

Edgar Pabon           II/75 Kaya Korean                                 1-3        24 points

Mitch Harbach       III/62b Early Polish                              1-3       22 points


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