DBA at RECON 2010

 Here is a summary of the DBA Events at RECON 2010, which was held from April 30-May 2, 2010 in Cocoa Beach, FL.

NASAMW scoring was used by all events, unless noted otherwise.

 Horrible Hordes
Run by Rich Gause.

Rich Gause presenting me with the “Horrible Hordes” plaque.

Armies had to have at least one Horde element to be elligible. In addition, you would be able to reduce the aggression of your army by one for each horde elements in excess of one that was taken. Each kill made by a horde would also give you extra victory points.
Tony Aguilar won 3-0 with the Song Chinese.

Battle of Heraclea BBDBA Game
Run by Don Harting.

Some of the Roman commanders(L to R Kevin Mello and Devin Gause)
The Pyrrhic army (Tony Aguilar/Edgar Pabon/Jamie Peterson) defeated the Romans (Marty Schmidt/Devin Gause/Kevin Mello)

The Romans crossed the river in three places. On the left flank of Pyrrhus, the Romans concentrated their cavalry to try and envelop the left flank of the Greeks. They were met by two elephants who broke that command. On the far right, the Greeks held off the Romans long enough to break another command by killing its leader.


DBA Open Tournament
Run by Marty Schmidt

There were a total of 8 players in this event.

My Song defend against Doug Hawes and his littoral landing Swedes.

Dave Blackmon and his Christian Nuboans fight Don Harting.

Blackmon’s Christian Nubians closeup.

A littoral mess as Doug Hawes’ Swedes prepare for the Later Crusader’s landing by Bill Melendez.


Jim Dundorf (L) was the Grand Champion and Rich Gause (R) was the Runner Up.
Jim Dundorf (3-0) won with the 100 Years War English.
Rich Gause (2-1) was runner up with the Ptolemaics.
Tony Aguilar (2-1) was 3rd Place with Song Chinese.
Doug Hawes (2-1) was 4th place with Medieval Swedes.


Jim Dundorf                 IV/62 100 YW English             3-0            69 points

Rich Gause                     II/20d Ptolemaic                      2-1             50 points

Tony Aguilar                 III/66 Song Chinese                2-1              46 points

Doug Hawes                   IV/54c Medieval Swedish      2-1              46 points

Don Harting                   IV/64b Medieval French       1-2             26 points

Bill Melendez                 IV/17 Later Crusader             1-2              25 points

Gray Strickland            III/10b Rajputs                         1-2              24 points

Dave Blackmon            III/16 Christian Nubian          0-3               8 points


Matched Pairs Tournament

Run by Dave Blackmon.

Some of the participants of the Matched Pairs Tourney (L to R) Scott Gray, Carlos Cabrera, Dave Blackmon, Don Harting, Bill Melendez, Bryant McLaughlin and Gray Strickland.

Don Harting was Grand Champion.

Don Harting                     4-0                  70 points

Gray Strickland               3-1                  66 points

Bryant McLaughlin        2-2                 55 points

Scott Gray                          2-2                 53 points

Bill Melendez                     2-2                 51 points

Rich Gause                         2-2                  48 points

Devin Gause                       2-2                  47 points

Carlos Cabrera                  0-4                  8 points


Knight Moves Tournament
Run by Rick Parrish.

All eligible armies had to have a minimum of 6 Kn elements.

A shot of the first round game between Rich (top) and I. We both picked the same army AND the same year (500 AD)!
Rich Gause (3-0) won with Central Asian Turks.
Tony Aguilar (2-1) was runner up with Central Asian Turks.
Don Harting (2-1) was 3rd place with Medieval French.


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