DBA-RRR Open Tournament at RECON 2010

I ran the DBA-RRR Open Tournament at RECON 2010 in Cocoa Beach, FL on April 30, 2010.

It drew 10 players and everyone seemed to have a blast.

The Valois French (L) commanded by Jim Riley fight the my Japanese (R) in Round One. This is a battle that just would not end and inevitably resulted in a draw 3-2 in Jim’s favor.

Bill Melendez’s Japanese (L) meet Marty Schmidt’s Early Tudors (R) in the field of battle.


Rick Parrish’s ECW Royalist faces off against Rich Gause and his Montrose Scots.

The Catholic Imperials (top) battle the Swedish 30YW (bottom) in a historical grudgematch.

I presented Bryant McLauglin the overall winner with the DBA-RRR Championship plaque and with “The Renaissance at War” book, graciously donated by Jim Riley.


Bryant McLaughlin         II/12h German Catholic Imperial              3-0         70 Points

Rich Gause                          II/20a Montrose Scots Royalist                  2-1         49 Points

Marty Schmidt                   I/10 Early Tudor English                               2-1         46 Points

Rick Parrish                        II/21b ECW Royalist                                      1-1-1       29 Points

Jim Riley                              I/8g Valois French                                         1-2-0      26 points

Jamie Peterson                 II/15a Swedish 30 YW                                   1-2          28 Points

Tony Aguilar                      I/26 Japanese                                                    1-1-1       27 Points

Scott Gray                            II/21 ECW Royalist                                         1-2          25 Points

Dave Blackmon                 II/22b ECW Parlamentarian                          1-2         24 Points

Bill Melendez                      I/26 Japanese                                                    0-3         2 Points


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