DBA-RRR II/26 Japanese

The extra elements to add into my Samurai army to make the DBA-RRR II/26 Japanese list. They are a mixture of Peter Pig, Naismith and Old Glory.

The three stands of Teppo Ashigaru Shot which I made with Peter Pig figures. The banners are based on some of the units involved in the Korean battles.


The artillery piece is made by Naismith as are the two figures covering their ears. The other two are Peter Pig. Artillery was seldom used by the Samurai at this time, mostly in sieges against enemy fortifications.


The separate general figure. This is Kato Kiyomasa, which is a personality figure right out of the Daimyo Pack made by Old Glory. Kato Kiyomasa was one of the commanders in the invasion of Korea in 1592.


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