DBA-RRR Big Battle at RECON 2010

The Enterprise of Paris – 1544

Big Battle DBA-RRR Game


Jim Riley (R) ran his Big Battle DBA-RRR scenario “The Enterprise of Paris of 1544” on Friday morning, April 30, 2010 at RECON in Cocoa Beach, FL. This is a hypothetical battle that takes place assuming that Henry VIII pushes on towards Paris and meets Francis I outside of Paris instead of retreating once the French moved their armies from Italy back to France. Jim and I played the role of the Tudors, and Rich Gause and Manny Granillo sought battle as the Valois.

A view from the left flank of the French forces. A standoff ensued for most of the game on this flank.

The French, Rich Gause (L) and Manny Granillo (R) pushed hard on the English left with King Francis leading the charge with the gendarmes. The French right command got off to an early start destroying 3 of the English left command’s units almost breaking them.

The Tudor army falls back on the woods in response to the French charge and Henry VIII moves in to help plug the hole.

The French right flank broke before the English (the French and English had both lost 3 elements on that flank) and the billmen held the pikes long enough for the shot to start amassing casualties.


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