Song Dynasty Chinese III/61


This is the Song Chinese Army in 15mm scale for De Bellis Antiquitatis v. 2.2.

Figures are all Naismith and are based on the drawings included in Greer’s “The Armies and Enemies of Ancient China.”

Although some may dispute the accuracy of that work, the reality is that no one at this time makes any 15mm figures for this army which are more accurate or based on another more modern work. They seem just fine to me and painted up quite well.

The army consists of Cv(G), 2x 4Bd, 4x 3Cb, 1x 3Bw, 1x 7Hd, 1x 2Ps and 2x Art. I chose a simple color scheme for the army consisting of white and black cloth, accentuated by red trim.

A close up of the Song general. Naismith does not make command figures, so I modified him out of a horse archer figure.

 The two Blade stands consisting of leaf-pointed halberds.

The Bow and Psiloi stands.

Naismith only makes one pose of archers and I wanted the Bw and Psiloi  to look different. I clipped the feathers off of the Psiloi (as they haven’t earned them yet) and gave them a lighter bow.

 The four Crossbow stands provide defense against mounted elements.

No Song army would be complete without Rocket artillery. They include crewmen with candles to light the gunpowder.

Note the bamboo rocket tubes.

The Horde stand consists of only two poses, but I think they turned out fine with the two prodding spearmen in the back ushering the masses on.

I scratch-built the Song camp based on an  illustration in the Opsrey book on “Siege Weapons of the Far East Vol. 1.”

The army arrayed.


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