Southern Liang Dynasty II/79b

The army arrayed. I have had most of this army completed for several months, I just needed to finish the elephant and psiloi.

This combined arms army consists of: Kn (g), Cv, LH, El, 3x Bd, Ps, and 4x Cb

I used a mix of several manufacturers in this army. All of the figures are 15mm scale.

The 4K (g) commander stand. The commander is an Asgard mahout figure from one of their elephants astride a Minifigs horse. The other three riders and their mounts are Outpost.

The banner came form a Minifgs Chariot and depicts a serpent.

The Cavalry and Light horse stands.

The Cavalry riders and mounts came from Outpost. The Light horse are Naismith mounted on Chariot Miniatures horses.

One of the few recorded uses of elephants by the Chinese was in 554 AD at the Battle of Chiang-ling when they were used against the forces of Western Wei.

The elephant is Asgard, the mahout is Chariot Miniatures and the two riders in the tower are Minifigs. The tower was scratch-built from basswood and some scalloped model railroad shingles.

Four stands of crossbowmen provide ample defense against mounted.

The crossbowmen figures are Outpost from their Sui line.

The three Blade elements with Psiloi support.

I broke the blade elements into three units: (L to R) Green Vipers, Orange Imps, and Blue Demons. I drew my inspiration from several sources including the Zhangou Total War mod.


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