DBA-RRR at Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, FL

After doing an initial trial and introduction to DBA-RRR at Hurricon 2009, we tried our first DBA-RRR tournament at our Games Day at the Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, FL on January 9, 2010.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and many commented that it was pretty easy to get the hang of it, since there are only a few minor differences between DBA and DBA-RRR.

Marty Schmidt playing his Maximillian Imperials vs. my Spanish Imperials. It was Marty’s first foray into DBA-RRR and it was pretty cool that he was able to field an army composed of his own figures.

Boyd Bruce (L) playing German Minor States vs. Jim Riley (R) and his Tudor English in round 1.

Chris Draper (L) and the Ottoman Turks fight it out with Dave Blackmon (R) and the Montrose Scots.

Rich (L) and Devin (R) find out what happens when the Swedes and Samurai clash.

Rich Gause (L) takes on my Spanish Imperials in Round 2. His two Scots Warband on right right flank caused
trouble for me.

Devin Gause (L) playing Samurai vs. Marty Schmidt (R) and his Maximillians.

Rich (L) and Dave (R) duke it out in the 3rd round. Both were undefeated, but Dave’s Montrose Scots were able to stop the Swedish war machine.

Rick Parrish (L) with his English Royalists and Jim Riley (R) with his Tudor English have an ancestral showdown in Round 3.

My view of the battlefield in my last game against Chris Draper. Chris is using Ottoman Turks and I am using Spanish Imperialist…two historical enemies.

It was a very close fought tournament. Congratulations to Marty Schmidt for winning overall.


  • Marty Schmidt     I/9a Maximillian Imperialist (2-1)   49 POINTS
  • Tony Aguilar        I/5a Spanish Imperial (2-1)                48 POINTS
  • Rich Gause           II/15A 30YW Swedes (2-1)                  47 POINTS
  • Dave Blackmon   II/20c Montrose Scots (2-0)               46 POINTS
  • Jim Riley               I/10c Tudor English (1-2)                    24 POINTS
  • Chris Draper         I/12a Ottoman Turks (1-2)                  27 POINTS
  • Boyd Bruce            I/7a German Minor States (1-0)         23 POINTS
  • Devin Gause         I/26c Japanese (0-3)                               6 POINTS
  • Rick Parrish         II/21b English Royalist (0-1)                3 POINTS

Picture of most of the participants of the DBA-RRR Tournament.

(L to R) Devin Gause, Chris Draper, Dave Blackmon, Marty Schmidt, Rich Gause, Tony Aguilar, Jim Riley and  Rick Parrish.


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