DBA-RRR Debut at Hurricon 2009

Hurricon 2009 in Cocoa Beach, FL was the deput playtest of DBA-RRR Renaissance, Reformation and Restoration which is the 1500-1700 extention for the DBA rules. Rich Gause and I helped get others acquinted with DBA-RRR, which plays exactly the same as DBA except with the three new element types (Pistols, Shot and Dragoons) and the separate General stand.

You can find out more about these rules at:


Rich Gause (L) teaching Jared (R) about DBA-RRR with Montrose Scots vs. 30 YW Swedes.

Jamie Peterson (L) is familiarizing himself with the elements of Jim Riley’s (R) Italian Wars armies.
Jim brought Italian Wars French and Imperial Spanish armies to do battle with.

Bird’s Eye View of a Renaissance battlefield. Jim Riley’s command figures were based for Armati, so they were based on square stands. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter what size you base them on.

Rich Gause (L) teaching Rich Baier (R) the ropes in DBA-RRR.

Rich Gause’ s Ottomans on left point out which Samurai stand is going to die next.

Everyone that played had a good time and we are looking forward to adding DBA-RRR into our round of tourneys that we play at Recon and Hurricon. Thanks to all that participated and were able to join the excitement.


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