DBA at Recon – April 23-26, 2009

We had a full slate of DBA events at Recon this year. Along with 4 DBA Tourneys, we had a “Learn How to Play DBA” clinic on Thursday night, and a BBDBA Historical battle based on the battle of Qarqar run by Don Harting.

First up are pictures from the Double Trouble DBA Tourney that I ran. This was a test run that we did for this type of battle which pitted 4 players on a Double-sized board. It was three rounds with each player alternating a different partner each round, but with individual scoring.
[Left to right] Dave Blackmon, Jeff Franz, Rich Gause and myself particpated.
The games were a lot of fun, but one of its main goals (to play each round in 1.5 hours) failed as it ran longer than planned.
Dave Blackmon eventually won with III/52 Eastern Franks and 52 points.
Rich Gause came in second with II/40 Numidians and 30 points.
Jeff Franz was third with IV/58 Medieval Irish and 26 points.
I came in last with IV/59b Post Mongol Samurai and 7 points.
Next up was the Matched Pairs Tourney that Rich Gause ran. we had 8 players.

A pensive Dave Blackmon (L) and Gray Strickland (R) duke it out.

Jim Dundorf (R) gleeful that things seem to be going his way.

Some of the Matched Pairs participants (left to right): Steve Quintero, Gray Strickland, Jeff Franz, Rick Parrish, Dave Blackmon, Marty Schmidt, Jim Dundorf, and Rich Gause.
Final Scoring:
Jim Dundorf 4-0 with 93 points.
Marty Schmidt 4-0 with 88 points.
Rick Parrish 3-1 with 71 points.
Gray Strickland 2-2 with 56 points.
Tony Aguilar 1-3 with 30 points.
Dave Blackmon 1-3 with 29 points.
Jeff Franz 1-3 with 25 points.
Robert Hill 0-4 with 9 points.
The Littoral Nightmare Tourney was run by me and wrapped up the events on Friday evening.
Players had to bring an army that was of a Littoral terrain type. So basically everyone could do littoral landings in every game. There were two sepcial rules: You did not have to land on your first bound, but it would cost an additional Pip for each turn thereafter that the landing force was delayed (up to a max. of 6 pips) and you could not land a littoral landing force withing a BWD of another Littoral landing force (otherwise they would have fought out at sea instead).

We had a total of 10 players, but one player dropped out after the first round, so the field got reduced to 8 players.

Jeff Franz really got into character with Tiki mask and goblet playing his Hawaiians.

The big Kahuna surveying the battlefield, which incidentally ended up looking like a face. Hmmm.

Littoral Nightmare players (left to right): Tony Aguilar, Jim Dundorf, Marty Schmidt, Rich Gause, Dave Blackmon, Jeff Franz and Steve Quintero.
Final Scoring:
Jeff Franz (3-1) with IV/22c Hawaiian and 77 points.
Rich Gause (3-1) with II/20c Ptolemaic and 73 points.
Jim Dundorf (3-1) with I/22a New Kingdom Egyptian and 73 points.
Gray Strickland (3-1) with III/40d Leidang and 68 points.
Marty Schmidt (2-2) with IV/17 Later Crusader and 49 points.
Dave Blackmon (1-3) with III/40b Viking and 29 points.
Rick Parrish (1-3) with IV/61 Italian Condatta – Venitians and 27 points.
Steve Quintero (0-4) with I/22a New Kingdom Egyptians and 2 points.
Devon Gause (0-1) played one round and did not finish.
Tony Aguilar (1-0) with IV/54d Medieval Norwegians played one round and stepped out to balance players.
Marty Schmidt ran the 15mm Open DBA Tourney on Saturday. Marty ran the Open in two sessions with the top 4 players advancing into the Semi-finals.

Rick Parrish and his Medieval French face off against my Medieval Norwegians.

(Left to right) Rich Gause faces off against Jeff Franz – they would meet again later in the Semi-finals. Devon Gause and Rick Cundiff battle it out too.

(Left to right) Dave Blackmon, Don Harting, Gray Strickland, Rick Parrish and Matt Harting.

Dave Blackmon, Rick Parrish, Jeff Franz and Rich Gause advanced to the finals. Jeff Franz (L) with Pre-Islamic Arabs and Rich Gause (R) with New Kingdom Egyptian playing in the final round.

Marty Schmidt presenting the prizes for the first runner up (Rich Gause) and winner (Jeff Franz).


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