Qin Warring States China II/4a

 My Qin Chinese Warring States DBA army that I built for the Two David’s Warring States Campaign at Historicon 2009. This is the army of King Zheng of Qin and the future Qin Shi-Huangdi of Terracotta warriors fame.

All figures are 15mm scale by Gladiator (now Black Hat Miniatures). MOst of the infantry and the cavalry came without any weapons, so I made them myself.



The General’s Chariot, or is it the future first Emperor of China?

This charioteer was modified by removing his javelin (which I have never seen any illustrations of Chinese charioteers with javelins) and adding a dagger-axe in its place. You definitely don’t want to be “clotheslined” by this guy.

The cavalry element and the light horse. The cavalry came without any weapons at all. I wanted to arm this army with dagger-axes, which I made myself.

This army had some great sculpts to work with. Kudos to the sculptor, Josef Ochmann.

The dagger-axes were made from T-pins which were bent out and covered with green putty to simulate the blades. The Qin Dynasty used bronze weapons, so if you look closely you will see that the blades have a bronze tinge to them.

The shooters of the army along with the psiloi. I chose to represent the 3 Cb stands as two Bw and one Cb.

Rear view of the shooters.


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