Medieval Norwegians IV/54

I painted these Norwegians up for the Littoral Nightmare tournament just in case I had to play as the odd player. It is also my first Littoral army so I will get a chance to try some fun tricks with them too.

I cobbled them together from some left over Minifigs and Museum Miniatures figures that I have had no use for in quite some time. The army consists of: Kn (Gen), Kn, Cv, 6x Bd, Bw, 2x Ps

This was the first army that I used ground snow on the bases and I was very happy with the results. I tried to represent what an army of Norway would have looked like in the late 1200s.

The King of Norway himself. He carries the symbol of St. Olaf, patron saint of Norway, on his shield.

Note the Norwegian arms on the Kings barding.

The other Knight element, consisting of Norwegian nobles. Scandinavia in general was behind the rest of Europe as far as armor designs go, so that is why I made these guys with nasal helmets and some with almond shields. The middle on carries the banner of St. Olaf, patron saint of Norway.

The Cv element, sporting the kettle helmets which were very popular in Scandinavia during this time.

The six Blade elements of the army. I decided to model these as dismounted knights.

The Bw element.

The two Psiloi are sporting crossbows.

I think these guys are going to be a lot of fun to play. The have a good mix of troops and have a low aggression (of 1) and are not very Pip intensive.


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