TRUDGEFEST DBA Tournament – Hurricon September 26, 2008

TRUDGEFEST DBA Tournament – Hurricon September 26, 2008

I ran the Trudgefest DBA Tournament at Hurricon on Friday night. To contrast with the fast moving Mongol Theme Tournament on Saturday night, acceptable armies for Trudgefest were ones that had a maximum of only ONE mounted element. (Wargwagons are considered mounted for this purpose.) You didn’t even have to take a mounted element at all!

The coveted Trudgefest Trophy.

Dave Blackmon (L) and Don Harting (R) in foregound. Rick Cundiff (L) and Jim Dundorf (R) in background.

Matt Harting (L) with his Norse Leidang and Marty Schmidt (R) with Norse Vikings engage in the Blood Feud of the Norsemen.

Jeff Franz (L) with Libyans on the assault against Gray Strickland (R) and his Samnites. Definitely two armies that don’t see much tourament play! Trudgefest makes these two viable contenders, however. The Libyans won 4-3.

Another Viking Blood Feud. This time it is Steve Quintero (L) vs. Rich Gause (R).

Can you say Warbands? Dave Blackmon (L) and the Welsh attack Don Harting (R) and the Dacians.

Marty Schmidt (L) and his Vikings pusing in on Jeff’s Libyan camp (R).

Rick Parrish (L) and Rich Gause (R) in Background. In the foreground we have Matt Harting and one of Gray Strickland’s limbs.

Steve Quintero gives me his “game face”.

Rick Cundiff (L) and his Marian Romans face off against Don Harting (R) and his Dacians. Unbelievable…a historic matchup in a tourney!

Don (L) vs. Marty (R).

Jeff (L) is happy as a clam fighting Dave Blackmon’s Welsh.

Rich (L) and Jim (R) trying to outdo each other on the battlefield.

Jim Dundorf pondering his next move against my Samurai.
The Harting father vs. son match. Dacians (L) vs. Norse Leidang (R).

Rick Cundiff (L) vs. Jeff Franz (R).

Rich Gause (L) vs. Marty Schmidt (R)…More Viking Blood Feuding.

We had 12 players in this event, of course after playing 4 rounds these are the only people that stayed long enough for the pictures (as it was 1:00 AM) Pictured Left to Right (Steve Quintero, Will Giglio -front, Jeff Franz, Tony Aguilar, Jim Dundorf, Rich Gause, Marty Schmidt, and Rick Cundiff.

Final Results using NASAMW scoring

Tony Aguilar 75 points IV/59 Post-Mongol Samurai (3Sp option)
Rich Gause 74 points III/40d Norse Leidang
Jim Dundorf 71 points II/49 Marian Roman
Steve Quintero/Will Giglio 47 points III/40b Norse Viking
Dave Blackmon 46 points III/19a Welsh
Gray Strickland 46 points II/13 Samnite
Marty Schmidt 45 points III/40a Norse Viking
Rick Cundiff 44 points II/49 Marian Roman
Matt Harting 31 points III/40d Norse Leidang
Don Harting 30 points II/52 Dacian
Jeff Franz 30 points I/7d Early Libyan
Rick Parrish 30 points IV/54c Medieval Scandinavian Swedish

We had 12 players which gives us TWO berths for the NICT Qualifiers for Historicon 2009.
Rich Gause and Tony Aguilar are qualified for this event.


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