Early Armenian DBA Army II/28b


This is my Armenian Army arrayed. They are made exclusively with Old Glory figures in 15mm. The are both an enemy and ally of my Marian Roman Army.
The army consists of: 4Kn (Gen), 1x 4Kn, 4x 2LH, 4x 3Ax, 2x 2Ps.


I used sewing needles instead of the flimsy wires that were supplied for the lances on the cataphracts. They look and hold up a lot better. The ends are filed down (for your protection).


I usually leave the General’s stand for last, but in this case I actually painted it first. The royal banner is hard to make out at this scale. It is a Macedonian star in the center flanked by two eagles facing outwards.


Red seem to have been the most common color for the Armenian capes. I added some pink to the General’s cape to make it pop out a little more.


The Auxilia stands. These commonfolk are pretty boring color-wise. Colorful clothing costs money, and these guys don’t have much.


The two stands of skirmishers. I actually purchased a bag of 50 figures and only planned on using four of them!

As you can see from their dress, these guys aren’t loaded with cash.

Four stands of Bow armed light horse.

A little more well-to-do than the foot troops, these guys dress fancier.



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