Wimp Wars DBA Tourney at Recon 2008

Wimp Wars DBA Tourney – Recon May 2, 2008

I ran the Wimp Wars Tournament at Recon in Orlando. This was a chance for people to play without any “killer” armies. All armies were allowed except that you needed to have at least 6 elements of either Ps and/or LH. In addition, you could subtract one from your army’s aggression for each element of Ps or LH that you had MORE than your opponent. Initial pairings were by army date, after that it was Swiss-Style matching with winners-playing-winners based on NASAMW scoring. Sponsored by Rudy Nelson and Time Portal Hobbies.

The Coveted Wimp Wars Trophy

Pat Kurival (L) and the Southern Dynasties Chinese vs. Dave Blackmon (R) and the Hsiung-nu.

Another round one game was Roy Grider (L) vs. Jim Dundorf (R).

Jeff Franz (L) and Edgar Pabon in Round 1.

Gray Strickland (L) with his Hungarians vs. Rich Gause (R) and the Fanatic Berbers.

Rich and Dave slugging it out in Round 2.

Marty Schmidt (L) with his Numidians against Edgar Pabon (R) and the Alans.

Marty finally gets to play in a tourney (instead of running one) and is incredulous of the terrain Jeff made him fight in.

Roy Grider (L) with Syrians throwing down with Dave Blackmon (R) and the Hsiung-Nu.

Rich Gause (L) with Fanatic Berbers and Jim Dundorf (R) with Komnenan Byzantines face off in the third and final round.

Roy Grider’s Syrians had to fight the Lusitanians in this mess. What a CF!

We had 10 players. Pictured (left to right) Gray, Pat, Marty, Jeff, Roy, Jim, Rick, Rich, and Dave.

Thanks again to Rudy Nelson and Time Portal Hobbies for you generous prize support. Thanks to all of the players, including two new ones – Edgar and Rich. Congrats to Jim Dundorf who has qualified for the NICT at Historicon.


Jeff Franz 67
Rich Gause 50
Gray Strickland 46
Dave Blackmon 44
Marty Schmidt 28
Pat Kurivial 27
Rick Parrish 26
Roy Grider 5
Edgar Pabon 4


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