Marian Roman DBA Army II/49

The Marian (Late Republic) Roman Army Arrayed. It is entirely composed of 15mm Old Glory Miniatures, except for
the Antonius figure which is Alain Touller.

At first I thought that this army would look very boring, but after tinkering with some shield patterns I found them to come out really nice.

The Cavalry General Stand. Gaius Julius Caesar is in the middle, with Marcus Antonius, his right hand man, on his right. These two figures were really well sculpted and were a pleasure to paint.

The first legion with the victory crest symbol on the shields. Each legion consists of about 4 stands of Blade in this army. I decided to give each one of them a standard that went with their motif.

Another view of this legion. All of the shields are hand painted. No decals were used.

The second legion has the eagle wings as their motif.

The standard bearer of this legion has an eagle as well. Like the first legion, all of these shiled were hand painted.

Roman skirmishers.


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