Siege of Augusta – January 25-26, 2008

The first game we played Friday night was the Battle of Stilo BBDBA event hosted by Jason Mirosavich. This pitted the Sicilian Muslims (Florida guys: Marty Schmidt, Dave Blackmon, Rick Parrish, and Tony Aguilar) against the Emperor Otto and his Lombard Allies (Chris Pagano, Mike Demana, and Jason Mirosavich). We enjoyed all playing together as a team, since we are usually having to fight each other. We almost pulled off a win, but Otto came back and crushed our center at the very end. Marty Schmidt (L), Chris Pagano (M), and Mike Demana (R)

A view of the middle of the battle from the Muslim right flank. It was nice running into some fellow painters at Siege. I got a chance to talk to Jason Mirosavich about his use of flags from LBM Studios. They definitely give a nice effect and come out well.

My first battle in the Matched Pairs Tourney was against Gray Strickland and I picked the Hussites against his Medieval Germans. Gray’s general got shot up by the Hussite warwagons which ended the game relatively quickly. It was the only game in this tourney which I ended up winning. I had fun nonetheless.

Matched Pairs: Jason Mirosavich (Ghaznavid) vs. Mike Demana (Rajputs)

Another shot of the Ghazni-Raj battle.

Scott Gray (L) vs. Mike Demana (R). Scott went on to win the Matched Pairs Tourney going undefeated 4-0.

Bryant McLaughlin (L) vs. Dave Blackmon (R)

Paul Harrison (in picture) vs. Gray Strickland

Jason and I slugged it out with the Koguryo Korean and T’ang Chinese match-up. It was a good fight, even if my Koreans had a hard time finding arrows in their quivers!

Chris Pagano surveying the battlefield.

Gray Strickland didn’t get a chance to play as the Hussites in the Matched Pairs Tourney, so he brought them out for the Open Tourney.


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