Polybian Roman DBA Army II/33

The Polybian Roman Army arrayed. This army consists of 15mm Old Glory figures.

The Cavalry General in all of his glory.

Italian Allied Cavalry make up the other Cv stand. The figures were cast with bulging eyes, which meant that I had to paint the pupils and all.

The Consul and his Italian Cavalry.

The capes on these figures makes them stand out nicely.

The first three units of blade are Hastati with linen armor with bronze pectorals and white shields.

The next three units of blade are the Principes with mail armor, white tunics, and red shields.

The two spear stands are Triarii with the yellow shields and red tunics underneath. These are the veteran troops of the legion.

I decided to use needles for the spears instead of wire. They have a nice taper at the end and have been blunted by filing the tips.

Two stands of Psiloi provide support for the legion.

A simple wooden pallisade made from Bamboo skewers. Just cut, glue, and paint to look like wood.

Due to the simple shield designs of the Early Republic, this army actually looks more impressive from the back.


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