The Rise of Rome DBA Tourney – Hurricon Sep. 29, 2007

This DBA Themed tournament was held at Hurricon on Sep. 29, 2007 in Orlando, FL. This tournament was sponsored by Time Portal Hobbies and Green Dragon Hobbies.

Gray Strickland (L) looks on as Rick Parrish (R) tries to come up with a brilliant plan for his Parthians to defeat Gray’s Sarmatians.

Doug Hawes (L) and the Polybian Romans faces off against Jeff Franz (R) and Carthage.

Doug and I faced off in the Polybian-Polybian slugfest in Game 2. This game actually lasted about 40 bounds…and that is with both of us crashing into each other.

Rick Cundiff (L) and Carthage face off against Rick Parrish (R) and his Parthians.

Gray Strickland (L) and Jeff Franz (R). Sarmatians vs. Carthage…..mano a mano.

Rick Parrish (L) and Doug Hawes (R) battle it out in Game 3.

Rick Cundiff (L) and Jeff Franz (R) duke it out both with Carthage…….LITTORALY.

Nothing like a pair of hefelumps landing on your rear.

Gray Strickland with his Sarmatians (12 Knights!) against my Polybian Romans in the final battle. Luckily I won terrain and my dice were hot!

Everyone had a great time. If you don’t believe me, just ask any of these guys. Thanks again to Time Portal Hobbies and Green Dragon Hobbies for your generous prize support!


Tony Aguilar 73 points

Rick Parrish 48 points

Gray Strickland 47 points

Jeff Franz 28 points

Doug Hawes 24 points

Rick Cundiff 5 points


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