Tang China III/20b

The DBA army of Tang China arrayed. The army consists of Cv (Gen), 3 Cv, 2 LH, 3 Sp, 1 Ps (or 1 Bw), 1 Cb, and 1 Bw.

The figures used are a mix of Essex, Minifigs, and Outpost. The “official” color of Tang was red, so I had a recurring theme of using red on every stand to tie the army together.

The General and the Cavalry are Minifigs. Horses have frontal armor only and the riders are armed with both lance and bow.

Spearmen and Psiloi. Spearmen are Essex and Psiloi are Minifgs.

Light Horse figures by Minifigs.

Bow and Crossbow – figures by Outpost Miniatures


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