"Your DBA camps are made of WHAT?!"

Many people are quite surprised when they ask how I made some of my DBA camps and I tell them they are made of blue styrofoam. This is the kind made by Dupont that comes in 2″ thick sheets. It used to be readily available at the local DIY store. It is cut to basic shape using a hot wire cutter and then etched with a toothpick, pencil, or other tools depending on the thickness or depth of the indention that is desired. These two pictures show my second attempt at it. The method is quite quick, as it took me less time to create and paint this Spanish gatehouse than it did to paint one figure. It is easy to achieve professional results as this material lends itself very well to drybrushing simulated stone or rock. The only downside I can see to this material is that it is very light and therefore could be crushed by those that are careless with it. The 60×80 Litko base it is mounted to actually weighs more by itself than the gatehouse. The door is just cardboard with strips painted to resemble wood planking.


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